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How the Media Has an Effect on Our Life

Media has a lot of meanings which are depending on what media people use. Generally, media is to transmit some processes or workings such as a fax, a telephone, a telegraphic message, and an electronic mail. Also, it transmits plenty of information by magazines and an internet. Today, lots of people use computers or smart phones to get and gather intelligences or what they want to know. There are many kinds of magazines. For example, one of magazines about foods, called Bon appetite, reports baking and dessert recipes and about kitchen utensils; so, people who are interested in cooking subscribe it more frequently. The internet is the easiest and the fastest way to obtain necessary data for every person; therefore, most people use the internet every day and it is the most preferable and usable media in these days. A way to give and take reciprocally about people’s knowledge, minds, or ideas is likewise media. It can be a mail, music, and a drama. Many songwriters or even singers write the lyrics for a song for what they are trying to say something. An example of this can be found in Talyer Swift’s song. She wrote words for her song which is called 22. What she tried to convey is that when people are 22 years old, many feelings and confusions come into their minds; however, it will be okay and just ditch the whole scene at night instead of worrying. Finally, media can define to be a method that conveys may actual facts and happenings by a newspaper and news. What it means to be media literate is that media helps to connect to the other person and develop people’s thought because people have to think more while they are reading or writing.

V's Speech

In James McTeigue’s movie (V for Vendetta) script “V’s Speech” (2005), V, the main character, asserts that “… there is something terribly wrong with this country…” (2) and his speech argues how and why the country is not right and what the citizens of London have to do for fixing this problem. V develops his ideas by exposing government (“… the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation…”), blaming people (“… if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.”), and calling to action (“… I ask you to stand beside me…”). Using an example from the day (November the fifth), he encourages the London citizens in order to stand up to government (“… and together we shall give them the fifth of November that shall never, ever be forgot”) and to change the society (“… a great citizen… his hope was to remind the world that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words, they are perspectives.”) The target audience of V’s speech is the citizens of London and the society (“Good morning, London”) and bringing to get them encourage in serious and calm tones with using the words apologize, important, suggest, and remind.


Part I

Macbeth is a flawed hero because he depended on the witches' prophecies and had fears to kill people. Macbeth' qualities were good, brave and heroic however his qualities were changed to evil and bad. His flaw was the ambition about the throne which made him to murder people. He saw the ghost of Banquo who was killed by Macbeth and murderers.

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Part II

Katniss Everdeen who is a main character in the movie "The Hunger Games" lives in the District 12 and people are controlled by the Capitol which is the totalitarian government. The Capitol regulates and monitors people's lives and wealthy people of the Capitol enjoy what people try to kill each other. President Snow who is located in the center of the government hosted the hunger games. Katniss did not try to kill her enemies but helped and her behavior made to uprise people.

In the movie "V for Vendetta", people are controlled by the totalitarian government and Adam Sutler. V , the main character in the movie, knew something is wrong and fought against the government. He killed the people to fix the society. The citizens followed him and they overthrew their government.

Winston Archetype

O'Brien says that Winston is the last human because Winston knows what is wrong with his society which should be defeated; as Winston said, expressions make proles human beings and he expressed what he thought and felt while O'Brien tortured him. Winston said that two plus two is four but O'Brien and Big Brother said two plus two makes five; they believed that controlling people's mind can change and control everything. Big Brother did not let them have free wills what every people must have. Winston thought that one day people will defeat destroy them by their lives.

O'Brien as a Victim

People who read a book would believe that O'Brien is a betrayer because he was really a Inner Party member not a member of Brotherhood; however, O'Brien is a victim in some ways. O'Brien spent his time for Winston; he said, "... you are in my keeping. For seven years I have watched over you. Now the turning-point has come." (201) On the evidence of this, O'Brien wasted his time for waiting to contact with Winston as a member of Brotherhood because he did not try to contact before. There are other ways to assert power but O'Brien believed that only way to assert his power is by making people suffer; he said, "Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation." (220) This way can lead proles against Big Brother.

Advertising in Commercial

In Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial, Puppy Love, an author argues that a puppy and a horse love each other and have feelings which indicates animals are not an object for people to buy or to sell. The author illuminates animals feelings by dog goes to the horse for meeting but a woman and an owner of the horse interrupt their meeting and she tries to give him to a man who adopts the dog; the dog does not want to go and the horse and other horses interrupt him to leave so the dog does not have to go with the man and finally the woman and the owner give up and let them hang out. The author shows the animals’ love in order to remind people that animals have feelings as people do. The target audiences of the commercial are people who have a pet or who prepare to have a pet first time; the tone is comforting, playful, and friendly so the relationship between the author and the audiences is serious.