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Week of May 13-17

There Should Be A Student Appreciation Week!

Wow, is all I can say about the love and support I was shown last week! I felt very overwhelmed with joy and love as so many of my students took the time to give me special hugs and thank you's! I left school each night with a happy heart and an uplifted spirit and for that I am truly thankful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful surprises, hugs, and special notes. Each and every student made me feel extra special, in their own unique way! I honestly think I have the BEST job in the entire world. When many people say, "I HAVE to go to work." - I say, "I GET to go to work!.". I love my profession and I am inspired every day by your amazing children. I feel absolutely appreciated but more than that I want you to know that I appreciate my students and you at home, as well! It's because of my 68 children that I LOVE to be here! Thank you for allowing me into your lives and sharing your children with me!

Many Blessings,

Destine' Grobe

Ask Your Kiddo About "Sleuth"!!!

Favorite Time in 4th Grade!

Don't forget that I would love for my students AND parents to write about their favorite 4th grade memory on my interactive board, which can be found on my website! All you have to do is double click on the board and add your memory. You can also drag pictures to the board as well. Just remember it must be McGowen, Grobe, or 4th grade related! Thank you to those of you who have already done this! It's so cool to see what you posted!

Go to and click on the "Memories" link at the top of the page. The interactive board can be found there!

Happy Reminiscing,

Destine' Grobe

What's Happening @ McGowen?

Important Dates and This Week's Objectives!

May 13- 17

Tuesday: Plucker's Night & Art Reception

Thursday: PTA Restaurant Night

May 20-24

Monday: 3:15 Talent Show Rehearsal

Tuesday: 3:15 Talent SHow Rehearsal & 6:30 4th Grade Spring Choir Program

Thursday: Field Day

Friday: Bad Weather Day!! NO SCHOOL!!!

Reading Objectives:

This week I will continue reading Wonder and conduct a literature circle discussion about important elements of the book.

This week I will work with my group to explore classic books and solve clues within the book!

Mrs. Grobe

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