Extracurricular Activities

DeShauna Loud

The Importance of Extracurricular Activities in the Admission Process by Laurie Weingarten

Extracurricular activities not only reflect well on your well-being but they also help you become admitted into the college of your choice. when college seekers look at your resume they not only look at your academic level, but also your involment in the school. They asses how active and passionate you are about your school. You can contribute to a school in more than one way than just education, Education is key to the most important things you need to be in college, but your participation can also interest them. "Colleges today aren't necessarily looking for a well-rounded student; they want a well-rounded class". Then you have "become a leader who actually does something". Stay involved! "Make a difference! Let colleges evaluate your level of passion and commitment." As a student, i agree fully with this article. If you are not involved you can't get to know people. Without being cooperative in your school atmosphere you can't be succesful in a lot of activities. Colleges look for more that opportunity, they look for someone who is going to complete amd make their college more approachable to the public. Be the person you know that can add to your college's social commitment.