New Species Found!

Researchers call is a "ViperWolf"

How we found this so called "Viperwolf"

Passing through a jungle in Madagascar, Scientist David Viper discovered a new out of this world species. While looking for new evidenced of adaptation of lemurs, an dangerous Viperwolf approached him. He became very intrigued by how different this species could be.

What exactly is a viperwolf?

The viperwolf has six legs, a lean, powerful torso and has evolved to travel swiftly over long distances in search of prey. This species has very few predators, although one is the mountain banshee, that will attempt an attack on a viperwolf. Viperwolves almost always move in packs that can mass together into a highly cooperative hunting party within seconds of finding prey. On each of the six legs the viperwolf has, has three toes and an opposite thumb. This allows them to climb trees as well as stalk from the ground. It also creates a three-dimensional hunting field. Their skin is mostly black as well as hairless, although they have piercing green eyes that really stand out. This species is a heterotroph. Which means it eats the smaller animals.

Is there more than one type of this species?

So far we have found the there is three different types of Viperwolves: Leucomelas Viperwolf, Galactontus Viperwolf, and the Wasp Viperwolf. This types are similar but not exactly the same.

What is the viperwolf similar to?

The viperwolf is similar to a wolf, coyote, or even a hyena. They hunts in small groups, communicating with coyote-like barks, hyena cackles, and snake-like hissing.