My Poem

By: Nick Hurtado

"Sonnet: I thank you" By Henry Timrod

I thank you, kind and best beloved friend,

With the same thanks one murmurs to a sister,

When, for some gentle favor, he hath kissed her,

Less for the gifts than for the love you send,

Less for the flowers, than what the flowers convey;

If I, indeed, divine their meaning truly,

And not unto myself ascribe, unduly,

Things which you neither meant nor wished to say,

Oh! tell me, is the hope then all misplaced?

And am I flattered by my own affection?

But in your beauteous gift, methought I traced

Something above a short-lived predilection,

And which, for that I know no dearer name,

I designate as love, without love’s flame.

Poem main idea

The author of the poem is trying to convey a truly thankful mood. He's trying to express thanks for the emotion behind acts of love. He's thankful, for not the materialistic things, but for the thought that goes into getting those things. He is thankful for the love, rather than just the gift itself. He sees the passion and thought that goes into getting a gift, and that is what he is truly thankful for.

Why I chose the poem.

I chose this poem because it really stood out to me. I chose it because I can relate to it. Whenever I am given a gift, I am flattered that the person thought of me enough to get me a gift. I also chose this poem because I am really thankful for many things, however those things are not material objects. I am thankful for events that have taken place in history, such as protests, and the civil rights movement. I am thankful for my family, and for my friends. I'm thankful for my teachers and the knowledge they have passed onto me. Most of all, I am thankful for the rebels, because without them there would be ,no rebellion, no change, no reform.

"Gratitude and thanks" by Mischief Brew

I asked a student of higher schooling
He said he didn't care
When I asked about the sixties
They simply said long hair

Saw a child getting programmed
Getting programmed when she wakes
And I hear a raving elder
Cursing twenty years too late

Oh, how the fascists screwed me
Son, life's too short to win
And then the students of higher schooling
Hid more pills inside his plate

I'd like to
Send gratitude
And thanks

To those who
Had the courage to defy the mighty ranks
Send it to the students who wave the banners
Who held flowers up to the tanks
And to the ones who are still fighting
Yes, all my gratitude
And all my thanks

So as you sit bitter and helpless
So grateful to be dead
Said freedom's here to chill out
So sit and rest your head

Think of those who fought for your right
The path you walked, they paved
And those who fought for your right
To carry it until today

Well it was they who fed the hungry
Scorned the Pentagon for peace
While the army rounded strangers up
And made the instant peace

They who made a union die
So try to fill the jails
And spread a message of unity
Across the nation's rails

And said we're destroying the house that Mack built
Kicking down the doors and pulling nails
And you've the nerve to tell me
That everyone has failed

You should send
Your gratitude
And thanks

To those who
Had the courage to defy the mighty ranks
Send it to the students who wave the banners
Who held flowers up to the tanks
And to the ones who are still fighting
Yes, all my gratitude
Yes, all my thanks

I'd like to
Send out a head and a parting hand
To those who had the courage
To reach and rise and stand

Send it to the lovers and the fighters
To those who stood up and still stand
To those who will chain their wrists
And clench their fists
For here and faraway lands

Why you should Appreciate all you have...

Song and poem connection

Both, the song and the poem are about thankfulness for things that are not materialistic. The poem shows thanks for the love and emotion that goes into getting a gift. And the song is about being thankful for those who chose to stand up for what they believed in, and how they made our lives better. Both of them really invoke a good sense of thanks.


I look out into many crowds of my peers

I look down at my hands

A putrid sound seeps into my ears

A sound like one thousand simultaneously playing bands

someone has gotten a new car

they are talking about how fast it goes,

saying that it will take them far

their new gift will awe their foes

Be thankful for what gifts portray

dont pay attention to the objects

look at what the items convey