Math and Science 4th Grade Flyer

April 24-29

Hello 4th grade students and families! We are on our final count down to STAAR. We urge you to please work with your child to make sure that they have refreshed themselves with our past newsletters. Reviewing past newsletters will be essential to their success. There are a few Brain pop assignments, please be sure that those are completed by May. Please be sure that students are keeping up with their Think through Math and at home as well as the Pearson assignments.

* We have set assignments out on Brain pop. Please be sure that your child watches those short movies and takes the quiz. Quiz must be submitted to teacher.

Student's are able to work on Think Through Math at home. Please have them log and complete a lesson.

What we're learning


review for STAAR


Body systems

Communicable diseases unit

Digestive System, Part 1: Crash Course A&P #33
How Your Bones and Skeleton Works
The Respiratory System