Green Revolution

by: Meghana Vankina

What is it?

The Green Revolution began in 1943 when Norman Borlaug and others were in Mexico and wanted to improve bio-technologies from higher production of crops. They hoped to rescue 3rd world countries. This also allowed countries to be self-sufficient and led the to modernization of agriculture. Techniques of Borlugh helped the rate of starvation and malnutrition decrease around the world.

What are the advantages?

  • Decreases amount of human labor.
  • Provides better management for the yields and pesticides and high-yield grains.
  • Capable of growing crops on a massive scale.
  • Makes plants resistant to pests and herbisides.
  • Can replant some crops without having to fallow.
  • Can grow any plant anywhere.
  • Farmers can grow and export cash crops for profit.

What countries have benefited from the Green Revolution?


1) The Green Revolution resulted in a record grain output of 131 million tons in 1978-79. This established India as one of the world's biggest agricultural producers. No other country in the world, which attempted the Green Revolution recorded such level of success. India also became an exporter of food grains around that time.

2) Yield per unit of farmland improved by more than 30 per cent between 1947 (when India gained political independence) and 1979 when the Green Revolution was considered to have delivered its goods.


1) The increase in irrigation created need for new dams to harness monsoon water. The water stored was used to create hydroelectric power. This in turn boosted industrial growth, created jobs and improved the quality of life of the people in villages.

2) India paid back all loans it had taken from the World Bank and its affiliates for the purpose of the Green Revolution. This improved India's creditworthiness in the eyes of the lending agencies.


1) India transformed itself from a starving nation to an exporter of food. This earned admiration for India in the comity of nations, especially in the Third World .

2) The Green Revolution was one factor that made Mrs Indira Gandhi (1917-84) and her party, the Indian National Congress, a very powerful political force in India.