Block 2

From The Reform to the Reinstated Republic (Pg. 62-65)

Benito Juarez and the Liberals

With the triumph of the Revolution of Ayutla reached the power of a new generation of liberals, almost all of the civilians no militars. The principal objective of this group was change the form of govern. They had different ideas of how to do it. Benito Juarez occupied the presidency of the Republic in 1858 and during the next 14 years he was the principal leader national.

Aspects of the culture of Mexico

The mexican culture was marked by the deacades of civil wars and foreign interventions. In that time the culture searched stand out the the history, the traditions, the landscapes and the costums. Some intellectuals occupied to study history and geography of Mexico.They also edited publications like to magazine of Renacimiento, founded by Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, that between his helpers had to conservate like liberals, Guillermo Prieto, Manuel Payno, Vicente Riva Palacio, Jose Maria Roa Barcena and Jose Tomas de Cuellar.