Wrangler Wrap Up

A Weekly Glimpse into Wally Watkins Elementary

April 27- May 1

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What a week!

Our Wranglers worked SO hard this week! It truly takes a team to get through our state testing, and we had support from everyone! THANKS to you all!

Volunteer Appreciation

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Did you know?

WE are so thankful to our parents, district support, and community that supports our mentoring program. Over 40 volunteers have given time EACH week to mentor a student (or two!). These selfless people have made a difference in our students lives and we are SO appreciative!

Special thanks to our own Mrs. O'Quinn who also dedicates so much of her time, energy, and love to this program!!

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Mother's Day cart, help needed!

PTA will be selling small trinkets for moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, etc. for students to buy as gifts for Mother's Day. The items range from $1-$5 and can be bought with cash or check. It will be Wednesday, April 29th and Thursday the 30th opening at 7 am and closing at 3:15 pm on both days.

We also have a need for volunteers to help man the actual cart! Please sign up here to help!

Important Dates April/May

April 27-

April 28-

April 29-

April 30- 2nd grade Poetry Cafe 7:45, parents welcome! (at 7:45!!)

May 1- 4th grade track meet! Wrangler Round Up!

Search your favorite form of social media to see #ripplesofhopewisd to see our focus on celebration and gratitude!

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