Northwood Notes

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Week of 9.4.16


Staff Edition

Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.

FIrst Day of School

I am excited to start a new school year with such a dedicated and hard working staff. I walked around the building and the passion you have for our students was evident. Your rooms look fabulous, warm and welcoming. I look forward to seeing you Tuesday.
Read Carefully: Attendance Guidelines/Directions

It is especially important that all teachers take attendance every day. Mentors check in with mentees. MOST IMPORTANT is that you mark students Present First Day. Take attendance the first 10 minutes after the first bell and after lunch.

Staff Changes

Staff change updates since the last newsletter: Rachel Champagne (School Psychologist); Kathleen Daibess (OT); Madison Marcus (SSW). Please welcome them to Northwood!

Assessment Calendar/Assessment Notes Folder

Please follow the calendar and carefully note due dates.

Assessment Calendar/DRA Subs

Remember that we need a two week notice. You must complete a Professional Development Form. Prior to submitting check the calendar to make sure you have no conflicts. Mondays and Fridays should be avoided. Once I approve I will put it on the gmail calendar. It will be sent to the Board Office for approval. You will get the form back once final approval is given. If there is a conflict or multiple people sign up for a day a note will be given to you asking you to choose another date. You will be responsible for putting into Aesop for a sub. Do this as soon as possible.
PBIS Matrix

Review the matrix, teach lessons, and practice.

Crisis Binder/SIgns

Please make sure your binder is updated. Do not put the new pages in the front pocket. Questions, need help, just come to the office or email, we will help. New signs were distributed to rooms that had door number changes. Remember the door numbers were reconfigured last year. THANKS for hanging your new sign if your door number changed. Please make sure you have the correct emergency signs in your room. Questions, please ask.

Pledge of Allegiance

Every classroom should have a flag and students should be offered the opportunity to say the Pledge of Allegiance every day. If you do not have a flag notify Lindsay. She will find/order one.
Epi Pen Review/How to Inject Video

Please review once you get information about a student that has an epi pen. Stop by the office once you find out you have a student with an Epi-Pen and Angela will review with a practice Epi-Pen.

Lunch Start and End Times

Students should be in the lunchroom on time and teachers need to be in their classrooms at the designated end time. Lunch monitors move from various locations and depend on everyone following the schedule. If you have an emergency let me know.

Assessment and Accountability

Stay up to date on the latest department Assessment and Accountability news and important information each week -- Sign up for Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability at To view the latest Spotlight, click here:,4615,7-140-22709_31168-280911--,00.html.

Every Kid Votes - Reminder: Due 9.6

Angela will be emailing this 9.6 at 4 pm.

IEPs and 504s

The plans for these students will be shared prior to the first day of school. It is the responsibility of each teacher to follow the plans. Please contact the case manager with any questions.