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Language Arts and Social Studies update

Language Arts: Essay writing and Lesson 7: Old Yeller

Essay: We are currently working on a 3 paragraph essay on conservation of the environment and how it is beneficial to wildlife. The students are using 3 sources: Everglades Forever, Interrupted Journey, and a video (Fabulous Wetlands with Bill Nye). The students have a graphic organizer that gives them a prompt for each paragraph and is set up to help them organize their details. My focus for this piece of writing is having them pull solid supporting details from each source and work on their editing skills. We are completing this in class, however, some may need to complete theirs at home if class time is not sufficient.

Old Yeller: We will be starting this lesson on Wednesday. Lesson 7 will cover the following information:

  • Grammar (from Lesson 9): compound and complex sentences
  • Vocabulary words - I will create a quizlet and post it to google classroom
  • Comprehension focus: Character traits (being able to use words, actions and thoughts to identify character traits) and visualization

I am planning on having this test on Thursday, December 16, however, I may speed things up and test them on Wednesday December 15. I will have them write the exact date in their planners on Monday December 13.

Social Studies

We are completing our government unit this week. We spent a lot of time on democracy and will discuss monarchies and dictatorships this week. The students will be able to identify the differences/similarities of these three types of government. I have posted a quizlet in their google classroom with the information they will need to know. Please have them practice this quizlet at home often. We will have a quiz on Friday (both classes) on the material that is on that quizlet.

We will then use a book called Weslandia to reintroduce the characteristics of civilization. Once we return from break, we will start learning about the Aztec, Maya, Inca and Mississipian tribes.

Extra Information

  • Lee Eaton student council is sponsoring a gift card drive beginning Monday November 16. They are asking for donations of gift cards in $5 or $10 increments to be given to needy families in the area for Christmas. This drive ends on Friday December 11.
  • Candid pictures: Tuesday December 8. Students who are in a school group will have their pictures take for the yearbook. The photographers will also be around taking candids of the students for the yearbook.
  • Saturday December 12: Nordonia Winter Arts festival at the high school
  • Tuesday December 15: Lee Eaton Variety Show at the high school auditorium @ 6:30pm

Mrs. Patty Carlini

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