Katherine Keith

Best women racer of all time.

The Iditarod

The Iditarod is also known as the "Last Great Race." It is dangerous but also a great adventure. The Iditarod consists of biking, running, and swimming. To make it to Nome from Anchorage you have to go 1,049 miles.

The Team

Katherine has 15 dogs. Katherine and John Baker raise and train over 40 to 50 dogs. Katherine's 15 dogs are Blaze, Ears, Flash, Ghoulie, Stark, Loki, Newton, Natiry, Ocean, Patia, Plato, Ripple, Speckle, Summit, and Swift. She loves her dogs with all of her heart and loves them like family.

About Katherine Keith

Katherine Keith was born in Minnesota. She was 21 when she decided to move to Kotzebue, Alaska. She found a husband out of town and built a log home and had her first child which was a girl but unfortunately she passed away only a month old. The year after Katherine's husband passed away. Luckily Katherine had her second child, a little girl named Amelia, who lived.

Katherine's contact information

Check out Katherine's website to keep up on the details about her sponsors and how she's doing.