Making a Difference

Carmel Creek December 4, 2015

Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

To All....Thanks for being so awesome!

Thanks for your daily efforts to foster such a special community at Carmel Creek.

Congratulations to Helen!

We will miss you at Carmel Creek. Helen you are valued and appreciated for your work with us. We wish you lots of luck as you pursue your new career endeavors.
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A note of thanks for sharing at our staff meeting.

Thanks Discovery Lab Team for sharing your great work and systems for collaborations. Your work is powerful. You are providing a common language and vocabulary for students to carry across their curricular experiences and scaffolded programs to achieve deep conceptual understanding for each unit. Truly Amazing.

Thanks Gina for your great presentation and EpiPen training. We are grateful for your knowledge and weekly support.

Thanks Tracey and Katie for encouraging supportive reinforcement to Books and Beyond.

Thanks Marissa for your efforts to learn our social emotional curriculum. We look forward to your push in classroom services. Your support on the playgrounds and with student groups is appreciated.

Thanks SDC and Gen Ed Inclusion Team for the collaborative meeting. Your pioneering efforts are valued.

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STREAM Family Night was a great success!

Thanks Laurie, Sarah and Megan for facilitating. Thanks Roy and Hugo for helping with set up and clean up. Approximately 80 kids attended. Parents and kids had lots of fun.


Fun Run Foundation Fundraiser

Fun Run Fundraiser promotions will begin soon. This is our biggest fundraiser that supports technology replacement, professional development, materials and more. Thanks for sending home the "Save the Date" notices. This week the Foundation will include, in the Wednesday envelopes, the sponsor forms. There will also be an online sponsor form option. The Foundation will be providing support to parents to set up this system. More information to follow as our Foundation leadership members organize this event.

Video with a couple good points on PBL's

A warm cougar welcome to...

Toby Rapp, new special education IA
Annabelle Hinderling, new SDC music volunteer.

Congratulations Kara! We are so excited for your new family. Best wishes.

Happy 50th Stephanie. We wish you a wonderful celebration weekend.

Fantastic kick off for Mrs. Nelson's Book Fair. Great food truck idea Katie. Thanks!!

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Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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