Mrs. Lyons' Class Week 34

Math, Science, Social Studies

May 2nd - 6th

Ooops!!! I just realized when creating this week's newsletter that last week's newsletter was never emailed. I apologize! I'm not sure what happened!

I was very touched by all of the gifts you all sent for my birthday and Teacher Appreciation week! I hope every child received a thank you note! The kids were bringing gifts and wanting me to open, sometimes before I could take note of who and what was given! I hope I didn't miss anyone! It was truly the best week ever!! You all spoiled me and I loved everything! Thank you so very much!!

Tomorrow (Monday) is Jeans for Jemarcus day. Please send a donation for Jemarcus if you would like to wear jeans and support this little boy in our community who has a brain tumor. Many of you have already sent in your donation and I am so proud! This is not a competition, but if it was.....Cole's parents are in the lead with a $105 donation :) (For those competitive parents....just for fun! Afterall, it is for a good cause!)

I am so proud of those students who came in with a bag of money from their own piggy bank along with money from their parents! We heard that many schools decided not to participate saying it was too much to ask of parents at the end of the year. I'm glad to see that our Grace parents always step up to the challenge! I will be donating $50 in honor of our first grade kids. I'll update you as to what our total is after tomorrow!


Book Fair

Each child came home with a letter listing the required summer reading. There was a total amount for those books listed. (Less than $11) Please send a check or cash for that amount in addition to any amount you may want to send for extra books. You may take your child into the library at 7:30 or 3:00 to shop, or send the money for the class times listed below.

Lyons Homeroom - Tuesday 10:00-10:30

Crowson's Homeroom - Thursday 10:00: -10:30

Testing Schedule

Thursday, May 5th

-4 Math Facts

Excel Test 12

Chapter 19


Due on or before May 6th

20.1 - 20.4

-4 Math Facts

Spirit Week

Monday- Jeans for Jemarcus

Tuesday - Wacky Tacky Tuesday

Wednesday - Dress to Impress

Thursday- Aloha Day - Pep Rally at 2:00

Friday- Field Day - Gym attire!


This week we will finish Chapter 19 and will start Chapter 20. Addition and subtraction facts through 20. We will go through these chapters fairly quickly as they are strictly addition and subtraction. A skill that should be mastered by all. Students should be able to tell you the addition and subtractions strategies and know how to apply them. (Make 10, doubles, doubles plus one, count on, count back, use a number line, etc.) Keep working on adding and subtracting!


This week we will be learning about The Sky Above with one of the last units in our textbook. We will have class activities for a grade. Review these lessons with the link below.

Social Studies

We will continue exploring our earth with our Maps, Globes, and Graphs workbook lessons.
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