Mr. B's Bright Lights

You really have to stop by and see it!

The Library Renovation

If you haven't taken a look into our Primary School Library, then please stop by the office, sign in, and take a walk and see the amazing space that is here for our students and staff. From the floor to the ceiling, wall to wall, and everything in between. I applaud our PTO efforts to make this happen and our board who matched the PTO funds to make this possible.
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Checking out books for the workshop

Below are photos of students checking out books from the newly organized book room. This book selection area is not part of the library. This area has leveled books, based on the children's comprehension and fluency levels, the students will check out books, with the assistance of their teachers. The books will follow the readers' workshop units of study-e.g. non fiction, biographies, etc. Many hands helped with this organization including NJHS kids from next door who shelved the books. Great opportunities for oour young readers.

Preparing for an emergency

Part of our school safety readiness is getting to locations where we can all be safe and secure. The photo below shows fourth graders getting to their safe location for a tornado. All classrooms have locations to go to and exits to leave in the case of a fire. We are ready at the Primary School.
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New Signage around school

Below you will see an example of the new signs to designate rooms around our school. The Mustang Logo and the room numbers can be found throughout our school. Thanks Mr. Nettesheim for installing these.

Mike Budisch, Head Learner

You would be very proud of your children as we kicked off the monthly assemblies in our cafeteria this past Wednesday. The topics included how much our school has to offer them, remembering perseverance and mindset (two past themes of assemblies), and a message about being awesome from "Kid President" -you can check him out on YouTube.
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