Recent Developments in IT

Wireless Technology- Apple Pay

Recently Apple has brought his new way of paying for things through your phone eliminating the need for carrying a credit/debit card around with you for purchases up to £30 taking contactless to a whole new level, but of course apple didn't do this out of kindness they saw a business opportunity and took it! Every purchase made through apple gives apple a very small percentage (thought to be 0.15%) but with there been more than one million apple pay transactions everyday it just adds to apples forever growing money tree. Apple certainly aren't the first however with other company allowing for payment over the phone before apple Starbucks offered payment through their app. One expert had this to say about apple pay 'None of the individual technologies is novel, but Apple turned them into a service that is demonstrably easier than any other.'

Software Platforms Innovation

Android has made great strides in the mobile software race and apps to catch up to apple in recent times, but in general the growth of mobile software is staggering for everyone to see people these days can't survive without their phone, the improvement in the software of phones gives more room and maneuverability for the phone companies to create new ideas and ways to make money, as apps make them money the rise of the app store and android store have been huge for the two leading companies especially. Recently Windows phone have integrated the windows ten GUI on to their giving it a more crisp feel when you are navigating apple on the other hand have pretty much kept the same GUI from the start of their phones.

New Applications

The recent developments in apps has been significant with both apple and android improving in pretty much every way, what is often the case is that apps will integrate something about the system they get put on to attract customers, so on an IPhone app they will purposely put something in unique to apple. They make their money usually by using in game transactions which offers people extra features after they have downloaded the app. The other way the developers make money is through advertisements on their apps it works by when the viewer watches the add there will be a small percentage of revenue gained

Operating Systems- Windows

Windows is the leader of the market when it comes to operating systems, we have seen many advancements from windows in recent years and windows 10 has showcased this, windows GUI has changed constantly which aims to give users a fresh feeling every time you go on your computer with functionality being the main aim of windows.

The Response

With the market leaders striding away the rivals need to respond, in the Operating system department apple must make improvements if they ever want to catch Microsoft and windows, on the other hand if Windows doesn't keep their rate of improvement up then it will be very likely that a market rival will overtake them for the simple reason of people getting bored with the same thing constantly and wanting a change. Getting left behind in the market is a worry for any company as it could potentially see them be liquidated if severe enough reducing the risk of that happening is vital, as a company you must always be looking for ways to improve as even being one day behind could hinder you.

If a company doesn't respond to the future developments of rival companies their reputation will be diminished and they will also lose all sales and be took over as the market leader