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The Sushi comes from Japan.

I buy it at Japanika,And I like to eat with friends (:

I will write here all about making sushi...


When you come to make sushi, first forget everything you know about rice. The sushi rice is different from that we also recognize the taste and the way its preparation. Appropriate rice for sushi call Klirose, and he grew up in Australia and California. Is shorter basmati seller, his berries slightly thicker and contains high amounts of starch, that makes it sticky. Health enthusiasts, today you can also get full Klirose rice, light brown in color and contains more fiber. Did not find the specific rice were looking for? Go wing supermarket and bought rice so-called "rice for sushi." Do not worry, it will come out good.

Preparation: Before cooking it is important to wash the rice well, mainly to remove the dried starch in the grains. How do you know the rice is clean? The water coming out of it no longer whitish, but transparent. In the next stage Drain the rice and give it an electric rice cooker or a regular pot, and add water. Rice to water ratio is 100% and 110% rice water, ie per pound rice add 1.1 liters of water.

Electric rice cooker Preparation is automatic, and should only leave it closed 10 minutes after the end of cooking. Regular pot, bring the water (with rice) to a boil, lower heat and cook for another 20 minutes. Then turn off the heat, waiting for 10 minutes - and then open the pot.

Rice Seasoning

Rice seasoning mix made up of mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine for cooking), rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Where to buy mirin and rice vinegar? Every self-respecting writer (most of them have a whole Asian Division), or Asian food specialty stores (East-West, the Chinese grocery and the like).

1 kg quantities seasoning cooked sushi rice:

50ml mirin (3 tablespoons teaspoon etc.)

50 grams of sugar (¼ cup)

1/4 teaspoon salt

35 ml rice vinegar (two tablespoons teaspoon etc.)

Preparation: Heat the Hmirin, add sugar and salt, and when they melt turn off the heat. Add the rice vinegar - and the mixture is ready.

The mixture should be mixed with the rice when it is hot, for two reasons: one, the rice will absorb the flavors best, and two - way mixture to remove the starch from the rice, making it sticky and more suitable for making sushi. After you to make this recipe rice once you know if you like the seasoning as it is, or do you prefer it sweet, sour and salty more.

The ideal temperature roller, roll the sushi rice is room temperature - so do not rush it. In the meantime, you can cut the fish and vegetables.


Users sushi train fish and vegetables, and those who do not keep kosher can also incorporate seafood, especially shrimp. The ratio is usually 60 percent of fish and 40 percent of vegetables. Best suited for sushi fish are salmon, tuna, bass and Aintias.

Very important: fish must be very fresh, and when buying them has to ask the fishmonger to clean them well skin and bones. After buying and before use be sure to keep them refrigerated.

Before incarnation Cut the fish into strips. The seafood has to brew for about a minute in boiling water and cool in ice water.


Vegetables that are good for sushi with avocado, asparagus and poached (half a minute in boiling water), sweet potato cooked, onions, chives, oshinko (Japanese radish pickled), kanpyo (strips of pumpkin Japanese) and of course carrots and cucumber (not part of the grain - only the outer shell) . The vegetables cut into sticks a length of 6-8 cm and a thickness of about six inches.

• Tip: possible and very nice add fruits like peach, mango or fresh pineapple, add sweetness and tartness and go well with raw fish.


There rice at room temperature? All the trimmings ready? Beauty, one can begin. For rolling sushi mat you need a dedicated - do not worry, it will not happen and you can buy it in almost every writer. Before anything wrap the rollover mat with plastic wrap, so the rice does not stick well to the end of the process will be the mat can be cleaned easily. Another thing you should prepare ahead of time is a small bowl with cold water, re enuresis hands before each roll (otherwise the rice will stick to them en masse).

Cross the algae in two with a sharp knife: the algae can be seen stripes - crossing the acceleration that the cut parallel to the tracks on acceleration. Now assume half seaweed on a mat rollover. Algae have one side smooth and one striped - always smooth side should face the mat, and the rice is always placed on the rough side. With wet hands, take a small handful of rice (90-100 g) and spread a thin layer uniformity. Leave a narrow margin over.

Arrange the fish and vegetables on rice along the acceleration, a little below the center (quantity, owners of digital scale, is 60 grams and 40 grams of fish and vegetables). Roll with the mat from the bottom up (not too strong fasteners). If the roll is not closed you can moisten the edges with water and then accelerated to catch up. Cut to 6-8 units with a thin, sharp knife (preferably dip it in water first).


The sushi is prepared never serve as is. Holy Trinity of extras that come with it is pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. Ginger, comes with thin slices, clears the palate between bites reasons, Huosavi astringent helps enhance the flavors (is so severe that it gives off steam open the sinuses and taste receptors allow open), and soy sauce is also used Cmmlih and highlighting flavors - assuming you use such a high quality.

Ingredients (FOR A 4 diners, 10 rollers):

500 grams of rice for sushi (rice doubles in cooking)

Seasoned rice: 50ml mirin (3 tablespoons plus a teaspoon), 50 grams of sugar (¼ cup), 1/4 teaspoon salt, rice vinegar 35 ml (2 tbsp teaspoon etc.)

5 seaweed (kelp half per roll) or 10 large rollers

600 g fresh fish - salmon, tuna, bass and Aintias

A pound of vegetables, fresh or cooked.


Pickled ginger, wasabi, soy sauce.


Rice cooking pot

Rice Bowl

A bowl of cold water

Sushi rolling mat

A sharp knife

Soy sauce bowls


1. Cook the rice in water for 20 minutes at a ratio of 1: 1.1 (for every kilo of rice pounds and 100 grams of water). Leave the pot covered 10 minutes after the end of cooking.

2. Prepare the sauce: Heat the Hmirin, add sugar and salt, and turn off the heat. Add rice vinegar. Mix immediately with hot rice.

3. Cross the algae in two with a long sharp knife (when the tracks which are parallel to us). With wet hands, take a small handful of rice and spread evenly striped side of the acceleration.

4. Arrange along the acceleration, the rice, 60 grams of fish and 40 grams of vegetables. Gently roll and cut into 6-8 pieces.

5. Serve immediately with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce quality.

bon appetit! (:

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