Revolutionary Chaos in China

Ariel Gardner, Annabelle Ackling, and Charli Swinton

Nationalist and Communist

  • in the 1920's two political forces began
  • Sun Yat- Sen's Nationalist party and the Chinese communist party
  • Sun Yat- Se- Leader of the nationalists, welcomed the cooperation
  • Communists and Nationalists worked together to mobilized and train a revolutionary army to march north
  • In the next spring revolutionary forces took control of all of China south of the Chang Jiag.
  • In April of 1927 Chiang Kai-shek took over Sun Yat-sen.
  • He struck against communist and killed thousands, this was called the Shanghai Massacre
  • In 1982, Chiang Kai-sheek founded a new Chinese republic called "Nanjing"

The Long March

The Long March was a military retreat undertaken by the Red Army or the Communist party of China against the PLA.

  • Chaing's group surrounded Mao's army
  • Mao's army- PLA or (Peoples Liberation Army)
  • Starting with 90,000 ending with only around 9,000
  • March led Mao becoming the single leader of the communist party.
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The new China under Chaing Kai-Sheek

  • Chaing Kai-Shek had declared publicly his plans of Sun Yut-sen, which called for a republican government
  • Chaing announced a period of training to prepare Chinese people for a final stage of the constitutional government. Until then, Dictatorial power land reform programs and modernized industry.
  • New life movement's goal was to promote traditional Confucian social ethics, such as integrity, propriety, and righteousness.
  • Redistribution of wealth- shifting of wealth from a rich minority to a poor majority.
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Lecture- Revolutionary Chaos in China

The Shanghai Massacre

Chaing ordered the 26th army to disarm all workers and military people, killing and wounding more than 300. The union ordered a big meeting denouncing Chaing Kai-Shek. Chaing took all labor unions and all other organizations into communist control. Over a thousand communist were arrested, 300 were executed and 5,000 went missing.
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Essential Questions

  1. Why did the Communist party allie with the Nationalist party? To gain control of China in the 1920's.
  2. What did Maos long march accomplish? It prevented the destruction of the Red Army.