What is appearance anyway?

By: Courtney Moshos


This takes in New York in a work building. Every one in the company always dresses extremely nicely. No one has ever defined that as a dress code, but by assumption they dress nice. One day the main character mike thinks about why they dress the way they do. Then he decided to show up at work in sweatpants in a t-shirt to see what people would say.


Mike Roberts: this is the main character. He works for the company in New York. Likes to think a lot. Decides to wear whatever he wanted to find out what people would think of him. A good and important employee.

Warren lee: this is the boss of mike. He is obsessed about being the best. He expects the best of his workers. He is always trying to be the best

Jennifer Adams: this is Mike's best friend. The work together in the company. He is always worried about what the boss thinks of him. He strives to be perfect in the boss's eyes.

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Do I really have to look good today?