RILINK Schools LibGuides CMS

Fall 2020 Newsletter

Update on Users Guides for LibGuides CMS & LibWizard.

The RILINK Schools LibGuides CMS Users Guide has gone through a renovation. The link to the guide has not changed. Additionally, the RILINK Schools LibWizard Guide has been published. Both user guides are available on your LibGuides Dashboard and under Member Resources on the RILINK website.

RILINK Managed Links, Docs, & Widgets

A new widget for EBSCO's NoveList has been added to RILINK Managed collection for use on your LibGuides. This widget accesses the database provided by
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Remember when "Reusing Existing" content from RILINK Managed to use one owned by RILINK Staff and to leave it mapped (do not copy). This way updates to the links, docs, or widgets will be made by RILINK Staff for you.

Best Practices, Accessibility, & Your LibGuides CMS Site

MIss the professional learning session on best practices? Check out the guide at for tips on on to make your library site more accessible.

Embed Code Tips for Google Docs and Movies

Not happy with how your Google Docs display on your LibGuides site? Follow these easy steps courtesy of the Salem, NH school district to embed them.

Have a video you or your students created you would like to embed on your LibGuides site? Follow these easy steps to create the code you need.

Gallery & Tabbed Boxes

Have you explored these box options as ways to present content on your library site?

Consider these options for Gallery boxes.

  • Use in place of a table in a Rich Text to hold a series of images or icons in place. Reorganizing or replacing an image or icon using this method is much easier. The new users guides main menus both use this method.
  • Share new titles or resources for your students.
  • Highlight student work or activities.

Tabbed boxes also offer another way to organize content. This method keeps the content at eye view of the students rather than requiring them to scroll to see more. Think of an index box on your website. See examples on the Tolman High School and East Greenwich High School sites of Tabbed boxes used to help organize resources.

To learn more about these options visit the Content section on the users guide.

Request for Virtual Help or Training

LibGuides training/help is available virtually. Individual or group sessions may be requested. Just fill out the Request Virtual Professional Development Form.

Previous newsletters are available on the RILINK website.