Ongoing Expectations from Day 1

Chaparral Middle School 2013-2014

Setting the Tone for Success

“What you do on the first days of school will determine your success or failure for the rest of the school year. You will either win or lose your class on the first days of school.”

– Harry Wong

Go Cougars!

Bell to Bell Instruction: Every Minute, Every Student, Every Teacher


  • Teacher name, grade level, and subject clearly printed on the classroom door/ window (before Friday afternoon, 8/2/13)

  • Professional - dress at all times. (No jeans, tee-shirts, flip-flops)

-Ties for the men for the first 2 weeks of school, each semester (including Fridays)

  • Greet students at the door every period

a) Line students up –have a DO NOW ready as students enter the classroom

b) Implement hallway and class dismissal protocols- line them up and walk them out. Walk to the right.

  • Take Attendance the first 10 minutes of each class
  • Teachers keep your cell phones put away during instructional time
  • Send home a welcome letter/ syllabus the first day of school in English and Spanish (submit copy to me by August 2rd, 4 pm). Post this letter on your LEARN site.

  • Meet and collaborate with content and grade level team on designated day

  • Meet and collaborate with administrative team on designated day

Board Configuration

a) Objective

b) Language Obj (speak, listen, write, read )

c) Do Now

d) Technology

e) Vocabulary

Room clean and orderly. Decorated as follows:

a) Classroom RT, rules, rewards, and consequences posted large enough to read clearly

b) Content/ Inspirational posters on display.

c) Wall displays: Student work (changed monthly), Word/ Vocab. (Changed for units/ lessons), Data (ongoing), word wall

d) Anti Bulling Display & PBS info (more info coming)

e) Standards posted for the month/ unit

f) Scoring Guide (posted/ displayed before unit/ lesson begins)

g) Rigor, Relevance and Relationships Framework Displayed

h) Organized teacher desk and materials (textbooks, folders, bins)

i) United States Flag

j) Weekly and Wednesday bell schedule

Set Expectations/Procedures

a) Routines of the classroom

§ One person speaks at a time. Students are not talking while teacher is teaching. Teacher is not teaching while students are talking.

§ Respect teacher, each other and materials

§ When to throw away trash

§ Laptop expectations (when in use and when not in use)

§ Turning in Assignments

§ When to sharpen your pencils

b) Taking Attendance

c) Hallway Passes to office, nurse, LRC, other classrooms, etc – use vests

d) Bathroom Passes

§ Not during 1st, 8th, periods immediately before or after lunch

§ Must sign out

e) Name on paper – upper left hand corner

§ First and Last Name

§ Date

§ Teacher Name and Period

f) Use of Notebooks/Planners

g) Fire Drills

h) Hallway protocols – “ Walk Right, Talk Right”

Classroom Management ( PBIS and RT)

a) Rules

b) Consequences

c) Incentives

Lesson Plans, Student Organization, Other Expectations

  • Lesson plans, using Chaparral Lesson Plan form, in binder, posted at the door and posted on LEARN daily.
  • Lesson plans submitted by Thursday at 3:30 each week, unless noted on calendar.

  • 1 week of Emergency Lesson Plans in binder on desk and LEARN as above

  • Be on time and present for class, meetings, and duties (ongoing). Attend all in-services and records day (please do not make travel plans during in-service and records day)

  • Check PowerSchool and email at least once in morning and once in the afternoon

  • Turn in verification rosters within 24 hrs.

  • Ensure that students are writing homework, due dates, and events in planner and that parents are signing off in the planner. Follow the homework schedule (provided separately).

  • Record at least one grade in PowerSchool for each class by Monday of each week starting on 8/12/13. Notify a parent if a student grade falls below a “C”.

  • Weekly writing product in LA and SS classes, graded and submitted

  • Follow all guidelines/ policies in handbook and SUSD Board policies.

  • All full length feature films/movies have been suspended until further notice (we encourage you to stream or set up short clips for visual effects). Any movie must have admin approval prior to showing.

  • Every teacher must teach in a manner that FITS – his or her personality