Teacher Story Jumper ScreenShots

Teachers here are screenshots to show you storyjumper!

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When First Joining Story Jumper!

When you first join Story Jumper, you will have to create a new class if you're wanting to use this for your classroom and for you students! As you can see from the screenshot above, I already have one class created, but I have the choice to create new class if I want! Since I have more than one class, I will need to create a new class. So this is what you'll have to do too! Click create new class!
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Create A Class

When you click the create a new class tab, this screen will then show up.
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Filling In The Blanks

When the screen shows up, start answering the questions! The password you choose is very important, because it is a password that all the students will need to use when first registering into Story Jumper, so make sure you choose one appropriate and one that you'll be able to remember! After the blanks are filled in at the bottom of the screen you will then add your students in your class. You can either do this by yourself or with them. When you put in the students name, Story Jumper automatically comes up with a username for the student. You can either keep that username for that student and write it down for them or they can create it themselves if you are with them! Either way make sure you write it down! Then click save! For the duration button, this is a time management button. You can set it for however long you want. When time is up, the screen will be logged out, but all the information will be saved automatically. If you don't want a duration time, you can un-click the duration button if you'd like.
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Next Step!

After clicking save, you will then be brought back out to the first screen shot that was at the top of the screen, but instead you will now have a class under "My Classes". Click on your class and then this screen will show up. You will then push start! This start button is just the timer for the duration. The duration is if the student forgets to log out, after the time is up, then the Story Jumper will log the student out so no one else can get into their work! If you choose no duration, you'll still need to push start in order for the students to log in and start their story!
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After Starting The Time

After you begin the time, you will then have to go back to your classes and under class roster, click reset password. You will have to do this for all the students. This reset password will then reset the password to the one you chose when first setting up the class! In my case, I chose "technologyrocks". The students are now ready to log into Story Jumper. They will go to storyjumper.com, click log-in, and for their username they will either put the one you both chose together or the one Story Jumper chose automatically and then for the password they will put in "technologyrocks". When they push enter, they will then need to reset their password to whatever they may like. Either have them write it down or go around and record what their password is in case they may forget.

From the screenshot above: Peyton Wheeler's username is "funnydog80" and the password is "technologyrocks"

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When Students Are Working On Their Book

When the students begin on their book and begin working on it, if you go under your class roster you will then be able to see the progress that the students are doing by their name! This way you can click and see where they are on time, if they are following rules, or just making sure they are doing the project. This is also where you'll be able to just click on the book and show and share to the class on the projector from your computer and your account rather than having them all come up and log-in themselves. It saves you and them time!

I Hope This Helps!

I hope this tutorial helped you teachers on what to do! If not, it's always fun just to play around with the website as well! You can use Story Jumper for so many things! To show assignments off, what students did over break, show off art work or simply just do assignments! You can also buy the book which would be awesome for kids to give to their parents! I hope you enjoy and love Story Jumper like I did!