New Nike nail polish!

Just paint it

New Nike nail polish

Target Market: The target market for this product would be girls of any age unless there is a guy who wears nail polish. The Nike nail polish reaches out to girls/women who like the Nike brand, likes painting nails and loves being creative.

Product or service: The product is Nike nail polish. There are three main colors: Ink black, watermelon pink, and orchid purple. There are different sets you can purchase.

Each polish by itself: $1.97

Package that includes different design stickers with each different polish: $4.97

Package that includes all three polishes along with regular top coat and matte top coat: $12.91

Promotional activities: The product will be promotes through commercials, flyers and since its new every time a women buys anything Nike the nail polish will be offered.

Why is it successful: It is successful because Nike has not made a nail polish before. its fresh and its new,. There's also a good deal. The price is very acceptable being that its Nike. Most people would think that it would be a lot higher.

*Product drawing will be down below

Product slogan: Just paint it