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All you need to know about HTML5 Meme Maker

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Are you aware of HTML5 Meme Maker? If not, you need not worry as this article will make you familiar with the different facets of HTML5 Meme Maker. So, without wasting much time, let’s move ahead with the topic. Just take a look at the following.

· At first, you need to install Meme Maker. It is quite simple. Start with creating a database (you do not require doing so if you wish to use an existing database). A MySQL database is required for installing Meme Maker. You can set up phpmyadmin from the hosting control panel and then, select the option that reads ‘create new database’. Choose a name for the database and click on create. Your database will be created.

· The next step is to work on ‘Setting Database Configuration’. Start with selecting memesettings.php and decide on ‘Site Name’ and ‘Watermark’. After you are done with this, you need to run the installation process. When the installation process is complete, a message will appear saying that your installation of Meme Maker database is successful. In case there is some other message, it indicates that you have committed mistakes while working on the database settings.

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· In the third step, you will be required to focus on pagination settings. Here, you will be able to limit the number of memes to be displayed in a page by choosing the ‘memesperpage variable’ in the settings. The by-default setting is 20.

· The fourth step is to manage ‘upload settings’. It enables to supervise whether a user can post own image by setting up the ‘enableCustomUpload variable’. Here, the by-default setting is ‘true’. When it is changed to ‘false’, users will no longer have the option to upload images. It is advisable to change it to ‘false’ since users may unknowingly use copyrighted images that may give rise to issues related to misuse of someone’s intellectual property.

· The fifth step is to add templates. The ‘templates’ folder contains all templates and if you want to add a new template, at first, you have to name the template with the name of the Meme. The name must feature no spaces between words; there will be underscores in the place of spaces. Then, save the image in the ‘templates’ folder and refresh the home page to view your new meme.

· The sixth step is the most important one and it is the creation of meme. Start with adding captions and then, choose the font size by selecting from the drop down menu. When you are changing the size of a specific caption, do not forget to click ‘update’ after selecting the font size. After that, set font colour from the Picker. Here also, click ‘update’ after choosing the font colour. Select the font outline colour and after that, click on ‘Create and Share’.

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A page for your meme will be created and a watermark will be added. You can now share it on various social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. It is worth mentioning that sharing on Facebook is embedded in the script.

Therefore, from the above discussion, you may now have got a fair idea about how to get started withHTML5 Meme Maker. At the initial stage, the aforementioned steps may seem difficult to carry out, but with practice, you will able to conduct the process of HTML5 Meme Maker with ease. You can visit our site for funny memes if you need some interesting ideas about meme creation.

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