Vista Oaks - Lodi

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Dear Families,

Many of you may be aware of the tragedy that happened in our Lodi community on Monday afternoon. A young woman was attacked at a local park, leaving her in critical condition. The attack has been covered over the last few days by area and regional news. Lodi is a tight-knit community and this has brought heartache to many.

You may or may not yet be aware that one of our students was arrested and charged for this attack. While the accused is no longer enrolled in Vista Oaks Charter School, I wanted you to be aware that this tragedy has hit our school community as well. As you will understand, for confidentiality purposes it would not be appropriate for our staff to share any information about this student. However, I can say that we are heartbroken by the events of Monday afternoon.

Our staff is committed to making sure that Vista Oaks is a place where students feel welcomed. It will continue to be a safe, warm learning environment with a staff that is dedicated to the students we serve.

If your child is struggling with understanding this, please let myself or your teacher know. We have a counselor available to talk with students, if needed.

The victim, her family and the Lodi community will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.


Joy Groen

Executive Director