A Youthful Frame of Mind

News from the Rod Library Youth Collection

August 2012

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  • The Dwight Watson Collection
  • YA Summer Reads You Don't Want to Miss
  • Book Delivery Service
  • Library Instruction Sessions

We're Back.....

We have put our hammers away and are officially back on the 3rd floor of the library! If you haven't been in to visit, you should! Hop on over! We took many of the suggestions of our students, faculty, and staff and have made them a reality. The floor space is a bit more flexible. There is comfy furniture, a collaborative workstation with a big screen tv, and interactive art to keep your mind sharp. And, of course, a HUGE tree to soothe and relax you as you huddle down for the long haul. But, that's not all....We also have some cool new resources and services available. So, don't be a stranger. Come check out the Youth Collection as soon as you can!

It's E-asy When It's on a NOOK

We heard you! You want more options when it comes to reading the awesome books that we have available in the Youth Collection. The Nook gives you those options. We have three Nooks that are dedicated to and preloaded with classic, award-winning, and newly published youth titles. You can see what titles are available on the NOOK by doing a keyword or title search using the word, "nook," in the online catalog. They are located in the multiservice center on the 1st floor where you can check them out for the same length of time as our hard copy youth titles. You can also use the Nooks to load ebooks from Rod Library and books available on Overdrive. But, be warned! Once you check the device back in, anything you load on it will be wiped clean.

Right now I'm reading Newbery Award winning author, Rebecca Stead's latest, Liar & Spy.

Happy Reading, Ya'll!

The Dwight Watson Collection

The College of Education's faculty and staff honored Dean Dwight Watson's birthday by purchasing books that were donated to the Youth Collection. Over 90 books celebrating diversity were purchased. You can check these titles out at any time. They have a special home in the Youth Collection on the west wall. If you want to browse the titles in the online catalog, just do a keyword search for "dwight watson."

YA Summer Reads You Don't Want to Miss

Hi, I’m Alison, a student assistant in the Youth Collection. I’m a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy lover so almost all of my summer books are from those genres. The first of my favorites is called Cinder by Marissa Meyer. This book takes you on a trip that resembles that of the original Cinderella story, except that “Cinder” happens to be a cyborg. She’s the best mechanic in the city, which is how the Prince ends up knocking on her door. Oh, and did I mention, that in the meantime everyone is trying to avoid this nasty little plague that's going around?

Now, if that’s not interesting enough how about a modern day tale of Jack the Ripper? Maureen Johnson’s, The Name of the Star, fits the bill. Rory, a Louisiana teenager moves to London just in time to witness all the gore first hand. Just like any other London resident she has a mild interest partnered with cautious intrigue. That is, until a murder occurs on campus that pulls her into the thick of things. And why is it that she is the only one who can see and speak to the mysterious man who was there that night?

These books are so awesome! You should check these and my other summer favorites out before you get too busy. They are on display in the blue display box by the full length fiction shelving.

Youth Collection Delivery Service

Hey, faculty members! We want to see your bright, shining faces in the Youth Collection as much as possible. But, when you can't make it in (which we hope isn't often) take advantage of our Youth Collection delivery service. We will bring youth titles to your door.

Here's how it works:

  • Make sure that you have filled out a faculty authorization form. These are available at the Circulation Desk in Rod Library. We've also left a few in the Curriculum and Instruction main office. You'll have to sign it and return it to the library. This signature is good for at least a year and allows us to check out the books to you when you aren't around.

  • Give us at least 3 days notice before you want/need the books. We'll need time to gather everything and time to notify you if the titles you want aren't available.

  • Email or Call your request to us. You'll need to give us the title and author of the books, whether this is a regular check out or an extended check out (let us know how long you need them---up to a month), your name, your office phone number and email, and your department.

  • Your books will be delivered to your department's office and an email notification sent to you. When it is time to return your books, please notify us at least one day before they are due if you would like us to pick them up.

  • This service is presently available for Youth Collection items only.

It's that simple! Want a delivery? Call 273-6166 or email yolanda.hood@uni.edu

Library Instruction Sessions

Psssst.....Faculty.....One more thing. Don't forget to call us at 3-6167 or email me at yolanda.hood@uni.edu to schedule your library instruction sessions. Your students will do so much better in your classes if they have a decent handle on how the Youth Collection works. We can demonstrate all sorts of tips and shortcuts. We also provide specialized instruction on genres/themes/theories/pedagogies/etc. I'll work with you to provide the support that you need in the classroom. Just Ask! It's our pleasure!