Divinity Family Updates


Pre-Community Dinner Gathering!

Families! This Friday's community dinner will be extra kid friendly. Bring your family beginning at 5:30 for some healthy snacks, new toys to share and VeggieTales movies. Dinner will still be at 6 or 6:30, but it's hoped that by pre-gaming with some fun activity and healthy snacks, the wait won't be so hard. This community dinner is an especially fun one, so do plan to join us!



Kidcity is a creative kid's museum designed especially for the little ones--0-7. It's in Middletown, so about 35 minutes away by car, but a magical treat. I would love to organize a subsidized trek there, ideally during Thanksgiving week, when there are no classes. If you would be interested in participating, please fill out this doodle poll, so we can figure out if there is a time that works for most of us. This is for the littler kids (don't worry, if you're the parent of an older kid--keep reading!)

Here's the poll:http://doodle.com/d6emtqwbdcy3kxd2


A few of you have mentioned wanting to take your (older) kids ice skating. If there is interest, we'll arrange a group jaunt. We even have some YDS students with serious ice skating chops that are interested in coming along and helping the newbies make their way around the rink. This would obviously not be for the little babies (but look! an opportunity for you at Kidcity!) but for older kids, probably 5 and up (but braver 3s and 4s would be fine). I was thinking it might be fun to pair this up with the thanksgiving break as well, but I'm not sure who is around and interested. Hence, another doodle poll. Click on through and let me know if you'll be around. If not, we can push this one forward to after the December break. http://doodle.com/28k945whwfesvk6w

Pre-school Registration

Local Pre-Schools start registration process

If you have interest in having your child attend a pre-school or day care for next school year, believe it or not, it's time to start applying. Here are JUST A FEW of the many options in New Haven (public pre-schools, for which there is a lottery system will do applications in January--more on that later). Included on this list are schools that have been advertising recently. There are many other options out there. I will try to highlight other pre-schools as I get information about them.

http://www.leiladay.org Leila Day is a pre-school (nearly 3 up to kindergarten). They have sliding scale tuition.

http://www.bethesdanurseryschool.org Bethesda Nursery School (right down the hill from us) has some financial aid, and offers part-day programs. They also can take some children for fewer than 5 days a week.

http://www.stritahamden.com/category/st-rita-school-daycare/ St. Rita School, just over the Hamden line offers programs for children as young as 3 months.

http://www.jccnh.org/yeladim-early-learning-center The Jewish Community Center, located just over the New Haven line in Woodbridge, is not very convenient to the divinity school, but does offer financial aid, especially for early applicants. They take children as young as 3 months and you do not have to be Jewish to participate. This happens to be where my daughter spent a year, and I'd be happy to speak to anyone interested in the program about it (we had a great experience.)

http://www.wcnsplay2learn.org Another one not convenient to the Div School, but good for those on the West end of town is Westville Community Nursery School. It is not a full time program and has a variety of options and financial aid.

A very important resource to know about is Care4Kids--this is a program that helps low and moderate income families help pay for childcare. They have spots in a variety of programs in the area. Check them out: http://www.ctcare4kids.com