Technology & Modernization

A Theme in Fahrenheit 451

Photograph That Represents Technology and Modernization

This photograph relates to 451 because it shows screen trapping Earth in a hold, which represents technology grasping a hold of our world and that is what technology does to the people in 451. It relates the theme because the picture shows the Earth being trapped by technology, and our theme is technology and modernization.


2020 is shaping up to be a big year for us: the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that “more than half of the nation’s children are expected to be part of a minority race or ethnic group;” LG plans to have tripled its solar panel production by then; there’ll be another Olympic Games; and, oh yeah, robots will apparently take over some five million jobs. It’s the latest in a series of figures economists have released projecting the impact that AI systems and machines will have on the human workforce, and this one, from the World Economic Forum, predicts a “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” characterized by unprecedented “developments in genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing, and biotechnology.”

And while previous industrial revolutions have catapulted the human workforce forward, this one may set us back — at least in the short term. According to the researchers at the WEF, “current trends could lead to a net employment impact of more than 5.1 million jobs lost to disruptive labor market changes over the period 2015–2020.” The Forum estimates that a grand total of 7.1 million jobs will be lost as a direct result of many of our proudest innovations, and that two-thirds of these jobs will be “concentrated in the Office and Administrative job family.” Concurrently, two million jobs will be gained in what the WEF calls “several smaller job families.” Still, it’s a net loss for human beings, at the expense of machines we’ve ourselves created.

The jobs most at risk of being replaced by machines are those in “administrative and routine white-collar office functions.” Furthermore, some industries where machines already play a large part, like manufacturing and production, will see further robot substitution, but the Forum notes that humans “retain relatively good potential for upskilling, redeployment, and productivity enhancement through technology rather than pure substitution.”

This “upskilling” will be crucial for humans looking to retain or attain employment over the next few years, the WEF surmises. Not only will machines compete for positions, but global population growth and a rather stunted job market will make competition all the more fierce. That said, the Forum notes that “a significant share of the global workforce remains employed in agriculture,” and it is unclear how technology will affect this particular industry, at least in countries where little technological infrastructure is available.

This relates to 451 because in both of them, technology takes over their lives. This relates to the theme because in this article, technology takes over our lives, and our theme in technology and modernization.


My movie I chose was Wall-E. I think this movie represents Technology and Modernization because in the movie, it shows how planet Earth doesn't even exist anymore, but instead the human race lives on a ship in space. It shows Earth as a wasteland because they just didn't care enough about it and they were too focused on their technology to notice what was going on. It also relates to 451 because in both of them the humans didn't see what was really going on. In both, the humans had blinders on that their government/leader put on to them.