Disease Prevention

How to prevent comunicable and noncomunicable diseases

Causes of comunicable diseases

*Pathogens or germs cause comunicable diseases.

*Infections are when pathogens enter the body and multiply damaging cells.

*Viruses are the smallest disease causing organism.

*Bacteria, tiny one cell organisms, lie almost anywhere.

Noncomunicable Diseases

*Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

*Diabetes Mellitus (DM)


*Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Disease Prevention

Prevention Methods

* Dont smoke or use tobacco

* Eat healthy and maintain a healthy diet

* Exercise regularly

* Reduce high blood pressure

* Keep cholesterol under control

* If diabetic, keep blood sugar level under control

* Reduce stress

* Get regular physical exams


Your body's first line of defense is your immune system. It produces and sends antibodies that help your body fight off diseases. Your system is strong, but it can't always work on its own. A doctor a would help by prescribing medicine.