I am America (And so can you!)

Stephen Colbert

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Author's purpose

The author's purpose for writing this book is to entertain us as well as to persuade us to re-evaluate our society as a whole.

"I said on the very first episode of The Colbert Report that, together, I was going to change the world, and I've kept my end of the bargain."


A: Satire

B: Family Ties

C:Making America Great Again

Greatest Impression

The chapter that left the biggest impresssion on me was the chapter about homosexuals. I think it helps everyone get another perspective on the matter. It helps show how an overzealous anti gay rights person would think.


I would rate this book as a 4. It is witty, humorous, as well as analytic. People who enjoy politics or critical analysis and satire would love this book. Colbert does a great job explaining in a funny and interesting way, his take on the Nation's political, economical, and social well being.

Passage 1 Page viii

"I deliver my Truth hot and hard. Fast and Furious. So either accept it without hesitation or get out of my way, because somebody might get hurt, and it's not going to be me. Think you can handle it? I'm scared of Koreans. Bam! That's me off the cliff. Blunt and in your face. No editing. I think it. I say it. You read it. Sometimes I don't even think it, i just say it."

Passage 2 Page 81

"The Olympics began in perversion: greased up naked men slapping hot sweaty body parts against one another's taut hairless flesh in pursuit of victory, like Chippendale's dancers at an after-hours party."

Homosexuals and America

One major issue that this book addresses is homosexuality. Colbert takes on the role of an overzealous opposition to gay rights. He covers all the bases in his explanation from a flow chart (Page 110) to find out if you're gay to "The Final Threat" (Page 116) that homosexuals pose to the American way of life. The "Final Threat' that homosexuals pose is that they eventually become a common occurrence and that we as a nation will become comfortable with the idea, thus losing our anger towards them. That is all we lose. Anger. Colbert wants us to feel stupid for judging and being inconsiderate to some people's needs and feelings.