The Green Kitchen

Green Alternatives Project

Energy Star Aplliences

  • refrigerators - insulation and compressors
  • dishwashers - soil sensors, improved water filtration, more efficient jets, innovative dish rack design
  • light bulbs - last 10 to 25 times longer then regular light bulbs, produce 70% to 90% less heat
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Eco-Friendly You

  • buy in bulk
  • buy products that are known to last
  • use your appliances - most of the time this is more energy efficient then doing it yourself (by hand)
  • compost old food
  • avoid freezer/pre-prepared food
  • buy local
  • keep kitchen clean
  • plants in your kitchen
  • recycle

Sustainable Technology

  • pressure cookers: using water or cooking liquids in a sealed vessel
  • solar ovens: sunlight is converted to heat energy which is then used to for cooking
  • chest freezers: a type of large freezer that opens from the top
  • crock pots: /slow cookers - countertop electric cooking appliance used for simmering