Buena Comida de Santo Domingo

~Phoenix Lopez

Domplines (Dominican-Style Dumplings) 410DR$

Our Domplines are made with wheat flour, and usually cooked in a sauce-rich dish. It's a very humble dish, filling, and packing a lot of carbohydrates. Domplines are usually served with small amounts of protein. It's the kind of dish that will keep you going when the budget is short.

Albondigon (Latino-Style Meatloaf) 400DR$

Meatloaf is truly a universal dish, and Albondigon, though similar from country to country within the Spanish-speaking world, also has many variations. Unlike meatloaf in popular American culture, our albondigon is considered a treat, instead of a poor man's dish.

Chocolate de Maiz (Roasted Corn "Cocoa") and Ponche de Chocolate (Chocolate Eggnog) 100DR$

Our Chocolate de Maiz is made everybody's all-time favorite. Unlike other hot chocolate, clove and cinnamon are added to every cup.

Our Ponche de Chocolate is stirred to perfection each and everyday. This is essential for those dealing with hardships.

Bollitos de Yuca (Cheese-Filled Cassava Balls) 110DR$

Bollitos de Yuca are one of those no-frills desserts that we love with a passion that we prepare with all-local ingredients, and can be found anywhere in our country.