mental health

stress damages health as bad as second hand smoking does

people that work alot and are stressed all the time, there health is damaged just as much as a person 2nd hand smoking . workers with high job demands ussaly are more stressed . stress effects your health really bad . works with high job demads are 50% more likley to be diegnosted with mental condisions .

stress in america

researched shows that money is a major factor of why stress is hurting peoples health . research also shows that people that have less demading bosses are less stressed & people that arent in a closed space working all day are not as stressed either . work stress is told to be more stressful then family problems , & relationship problems .

how is realates to 2nd hand smoking

work days , & cooped up plays make 50% of america more stressed then most of the other problems . 2nd hand smokeing is really bad for you also just as bad as 1st hand smoking . it messes up your lungs. iy increases your risk of mental issues & cancer. stress dossnt increuse risk of cancer but it does risk the probibillty of having bad mental issues & be un happy. being un happy can leed to deppression, which may even lead to more. so i think that all boss should try and be little less controling & small work spaces should be banned