World War 1 Survival Guide

By Andrew Menna

June 28, 1914 - November 11, 1918

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This is what a Battlefield looked like in World War 1. Notice the Barbed Wire and Trenches in this picture.


Here are some of the different alliances you will be seeing in this war:

Allied Powers- United Kingdom, France, Russia, Serbia, United States (joined in 1917)

Central Powers- Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria (joined in 1915)

New Weapons

Here are some of the new weapons you will encounter during the war:


These air crafts will drop bombs and they may even have a machine gun on them. They most likely will be flying over your head during the battle.
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Machine Guns

This new kind of gun is not like a musket in any way. They can shoot 450 RPM (Rounds Per Minute), and will try and shoot anyone in its sight. Some soldiers reported that machine guns have sawed right through trees while turing and firing the weapon! Watch out for them!
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These massive automobiles are mounted with a machine gun, and most likely a large gun that will shoot massive bullets, and explosives at you. They are not very fast, but they are packed with lots of fire power.
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Poison Gas

This is a very deadly chemical that is released into the air during battle. The most common of the gases used is chlorine. It produces a large yellow cloud and will burn your eyes and lungs. If you see the yellow cloud run and put your gas mask on.
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Barbed Wire

This wire is made to keep you out of the area, it is sharp and will cut you if you run into it.
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If you are in the water in a boat, watch out for these. They are most likely at low altitudes in the ocean and will shoot torpedoes at an enemy ship. It has killed many people before and sunk many ships, incuding the Lusintainia.
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Trench Warfare and No Mans Land


These are Dugouts in the ground that soldiers use for protection and shelter. They protect you from bullets and shrapnel if they are dugout enough.
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No Mans Land

The title says it all. This is the area at the front lines of the battlefield. It is almost certain you will get killed here. Be careful if you are in this area.
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