Civil rights movement

Created By: Brock Bethanie Chloe Jose

How the civil rights movement By: Brock

The civil rights movement came when world war ll started. When this happened white couldn't even speak to black people. And then when this went on White people got use to this rule and ignored them. This happened and White people got places where they could only walk in. This went on and on and on.

How Black fought against it By: Jose

See blacks are not any different then white people. They weren't any different back then either. When Martian Luther King Jr gave his speech white and blacks held hands. Also a lot of people were on his side and most of them were black. Blacks did not like when they got all the bad stuff and white people got the good stuff. When white people went to school they could not go to school with blacks.

Colored separated from White By Bethanie

The law back then was that black and white could not be in the same room together. The whites and the color people were not allowed to be in the same school,the same work building,the same classroom,the same meeting room. so on.

any way it stayed that way until Martin Luther King Jr had said his famous speech called I have a dream.

Martain Luther king speach By: Chloe

So the day August 28, 1963 Martin Luther king did his speech. “ I have a dream Black Boy’s and Black Girls will be holding hands with white boy’s and white girls. I have a dream”,said Martin luther king. April 4, 1968 Martin luther king died but he accomplished his goal. He died a hero and a prisoner. People didn’t like change but the change came and he made history.
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