All about Hungary

By: Serena Walker

History of Hungary

The history of Hungary dates all the way back to ancient times when the natives learned how to make tools out of iron and Bronze. They traded these and other goods with the Greeks. Later Hungary was taken over by the Romans but the land was taken over again by another group of barbarians. In the 1320s gold was discovered in Hungary and large amounts of gold and sliver were exported.In the Middle Ages Hungary escaped the Black Death because it was sparsely populated and the epidemic did not spread.
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We're is Hungary located?

Hungary is a landlocked country. Landlocked country means that the country is surrounded/ locked inland by other countries and dose not touch water. The following countries surround Hungary; Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.

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Type of Goverment, Geography & Currency

  • Hungary's Goverment is a Parliamentary democracy
  • Hungary is mostly flat with low mountins in the North
  • The currency is forint ( FT )