Fable Story

Olivia Parsons


There was a girl her name was Rebecca. She hated Genelle’s outfit. Genelle was wearing a homemade dress that her grandma made. Genelle loved that dress. Rebecca comes up to Genelle and said, “What are you wearing?” “It looks like you are wearing a trash bag”. Genelle walked away and said, “Thank you”. Genelle walked calmly and headed to the bathroom. Genelle started to cry. She was so hurt. Genelle loved it so much because her grandma made it when she was 12 years old. Now her grandma isn’t with her anymore. She told herself: “You need to put a smile on your face.” “You need to stop crying and shake it off.” Genelle she shook it off big time. She was walking in to the hall ways like a model. All of Rebeca’s friends came up to her and said, “OMG! I love your outfit.” Genelle said, “Stop! I don’t need friends that are going to watch me get my feelings hurt.” Genelle went and hung out with her friends. Rebecca just watched. She didn’t say word. She didn’t even say her apology. Genelle had a great personality and almost all the girls in the whole school wanted to be friends with her. It didn’t matter what was in the outside. It mattered what was in the inside.


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