Solving Linear Equations

Three ways you can solve linear equations!!!!

By Graphing

  • You can use graphing when solving for Y.
  • While trying to graph you need to find a point of intersection, or where the lines cross.
Some equations might look like this



By Substitution

  • Solving by substitution goes in 4 simple steps.

  1. Solve for one variable in one equation
  2. Substitute the resulting expression into the other equation
  3. Solve equation to get first variable
  4. Substitute that variable into one of the original expressions and solve for second variable
Some equations might look like this



By Elimination

  • The goal is to get one equation with only one variable.
  • To do this you have to add the equations together.
  • Both equations have the same variable with the same coefficients.

Some equations might look like this



Frequently asked Questions

Which Method should I use?

The method that you choose is up to you and which one you think is the easiest. It is also easier to use the method that best fits the equations.

Do you have to have a graphing calculator?

You do not have to have a graphing calculator to solve these problems, if you do them right it is just simple math. While doing the graphing you can just count up the line to make you X and Y points.

solving systems of equations three ways