Veronica Roth

Will Beatice ever forgive her brother, Caleb? Will Tobias ever see his parents again?


Tris and Tobias have found themselves in a war. They have also fallen in love with each other. The story is in Tris's point of view, it shows very well how she feels at all times in the story. Both Tris and Tobias have lost people they cared about during this book. Tobias found out that his mother is alive after thinking that she was dead. They are going on an adventure together and they just might save their whole sivilication.

"In this powerful follow-up to the smash hit Divergent, feisty orphan Tris threads her way through a dystopian world in which warring factions vie for dominance. Earns apt comparisons with The Hunger Games, but this is no imitation."

~Barnes and Noble

"The Next Big Thing"

~Rolling Stone

All books are written for a reason and have themes. What do you think that the theme is for Insurgent?

I think that the theme was trying to show everyone that good things can come out of something bad, because so many horrible things have happened to the people in this book that its good when something nice happens for them. For example, Beatrice and Tobias fall in love with each other in the middle of a horrible war that is effecting them greatly, and that they are fighting the war together and try to keep each other safe. This theme shows up in the whole story and you can tell it is important part.

Describe three things that you learned from this book.

  • This book showed that it is fine to be different from everyone else and that you should embrace it.
  • That your family is very important and to spend as much time as you can with them because you never know what will happen.
  • Also that it is fine to be sad or mad. You shouldn't be afraid to let people see that you have emotions and that you care a lot about something. Show the world how you fell.

About the Author: Veronica Roth

Veronica grew out in the area around Chicago Illinois. She often writes short stories, but she has just came out with a triligy, Divergent. The books are Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegent. She is a young adult writer. She is married but has no children. She is rominated for a Teen Choice Award for choice book.

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