Second Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Barita, Mrs. Carrasco, Mrs. Kulesza

*Monday, February 22nd will be "Day 1" for Encore*

Lifework-Week of February 22nd-26th

  • Monday: Read & log 10 minutes, work on kite & report-due Friday
  • Tuesday: Read & log study guide, Spelling Words- Rainbow Style-3 colors
  • Wednesday: Read & log study guide, Spelling Words- ABC order
  • Thursday: Read & log study guide, Spelling Words-Write each word 3 times-test tomorrow
  • Weekend: Read and log your China study guide-test Monday

Cancellation Notice: The Red Cross Blood Drive scheduled for February 27th has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Our current unit in social studies is Ancient China. Key concepts:

  • locating China on a map
  • locating the Huang He "Yellow" River on a map
  • Understanding the relationship between environment and culture (adaptations)
  • Contributions and inventions

  • Test date: Monday, February 29th. A study guide will be sent home on February 23rd

Our current unit in math is Unit 6-Patterns. Students will identify, create, and extend growing and repeating patterns.

  • Test date: Thursday, March 3rd. IXL is a great study tool

Donations needed

On Friday, February 26th, the students will enjoy Chinese activities, stories, and crafts throughout the day. We would like to offer our students fortune cookies to enjoy at lunch. If you are able to donate a bag, please let us know. Thank you!

Multi-Cultural Week

Next week, the students will participate in a variety of activities to celebrate our diversity. Here are a few of the activities that your child can participate in.

  • 2/23-Making a quilt-Students can bring in a small item (family photo, coin, postcard, etc.) to add to a "quilt" that will be on display in the cafeteria. Please do not send valuables!

  • 2/25-Door decorating-students should draw or print a flag that represents their family's ancestry. Please use the index cards that will be sent home with students to make your flag.

  • 2/26 –Native Dressing- wear native clothing. Students representing the United States can wear Red, White, and Blue. NOTE: This is not a casual day! Students not participating in the Native Attire activity, are to wear their uniform.

Spelling Words-Test 2/26/16

Vowel diphthong /oi/ Syllable Patterns

















Important Dates

  • 2/22-Advisory Council @ 6p
  • 2/25-PTO Spirit Night @ Cici's Pizza (5p.m.-8p.m.)
  • 2/26-Library Book Exchange
  • 3/1-No School
  • 3/7-PTO Meeting @ 7p

February Poem

The period is a busy man.
A small round traffic cop.
He blocks the helter-skelter words
And brings them to a stop.

The question mark's a tiny girl,
She's small but very wise;
She asks too many questions
For a person of her size.

Of all the punctuation folk,
I like the comma best.
For when I'm getting out of breath
He lets me take a rest.

Quotation marks are curious.
When friendly talk begins
You'll always find these little marks
Are busy listening in.

The exclamation mark's an elf,
Who is easily excited.
When children laugh or cry or scream
It's then he's most delighted.

Whenever you come to the end of a thought,
You sign it off with a polka dot.

Encore Schedule

Barita: Library, Music, PE, Art, PLTW, PE

Carrasco: Music, PE, Art, PLTW, PE, Library

Kulesza: PE, Art, PLTW, PE, Library, Music

Lunch Schedule

Kulesza: 11:00-11:30

Carrasco: 11:03-11:33

Barita: 11:06-11:36