Richard Picciotto A Living Hero

By Asael,Yuliana,Nelson

Counter claim

Although people call Richard Picciotto a hero for his heroic and brave actions, he doesn’t see himself as one.

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Richard Picciotto is a hero because during the 9/11 attacks he saved as many lives as possible. Additionally he made an effort to make sure that those who weren't trapped above the fire made it out alive and healthy. He knew rescuers would look for pockets within the tangled steel and try to extricate survivors. He knew they had to stay still to keep the fragile, crumbling house of cards from becoming a tomb. Using his radio, he called for help”. In this detail, the author is explaining how Richard remembered what he must do. Richard knew that the minute someone made one suttle move, it would be the end for all of them. As a firefighter, he had training for this type of situation; and if it wasn't for his training, than those under the debris would not survive. Because of his fearless attitude, Picciotto was able remain too focused and save these peoples live.

Another example of Mr.Picciotto heroism is: “He received his first assignment, leading firefighters to the 20th and 23rd floors to extricate people trapped inside. When complete, he climbed higher, to the 35th floor. Breathless, carrying hundreds of pounds of equipment through narrow, crowded stairwells” (Martini)Picciotto is a hero because he went beyond his goal to save as many lives as he could, even if that meant risking his life. This is not a poor decision but a heroic one. Instead of just going to the 20th and 23rd floor, he went higher to the 35th floor in search for survivors, despite the amount of equipment he was carrying and how tired he was.

For example the article says“After another hour or two, I decide to tell everyone to stay where they are and I’m going to climb up to this light. Then I’m out and I’m on top of the largest debris field there … I made sure other fireman knew where everyone was then they put me in an ambulance and took me to the hospital” (Neeley). This hero tells us his point of view during the 9/11 attacks. Richard Picciotto live a moment in his life where it was life or death with him and others firefighters that survive with him. He tells his story of how he tried to save lives and his own. He also talks about how he it was to be stuck under a lot of dust. Mr.Picciotto is a hero because not only did he save himself, but he also saved other firemen’s lives.

In conclusion Richard Picciotto and all firefighters,police officers and paramedics are all heroes for their bravery and willing to do anything to save lives. This men and women go through so much to help people in emergency needs. Last of all of these heroes are civilized men and women trying to help their community.