By: Nicole DeBlasio

Information on Winds

Winds are caused by the movement of high and low pressure. Winds are also caused by unequal heating of Earth's surface. You measure wind speed with an anemometer. An anemometer is a device that has three or four cups that spin on a pole. When wind is cold it is called the wind chill factor. The faster the wind is blowing the colder you feel.

Local Winds

Local winds are light breezes. Local winds are created by warm air rising and the cool air coming in to cool the air down a little. Sea breezes are the cool air that comes in on a hot summer day when you are at the beach. Sea breezes move in from the ocean towards the land. Land breezes move from the land towards a body of water or lake.

Global Winds

Global winds are winds that travel over large areas. Doldrums winds are located at the equator. These winds are very weak. On the equator these winds are in very calm areas. Now let me teach you a little bit about these three winds jet stream, trade winds, and prevailing westerlies. Trade winds, these winds are between 0 degrees and 30 degrees latitude. These winds are also very strong. Sailors use these winds to trade goods. Jet streams, These winds are very strong and are located at the upper troposphere. Airplanes use this wind to travel faster. Prevailing Westerlies, These winds are located at 30 degrees and 60 degrees north and south latitude and blow from the west.
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