How to be an amazing hostess!

It is easy to be an awesome hostess, just follow these tips!

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Thank you for scheduling a Jamberry online party!

I am so excited to share Jamberry with you and your favorite friends. It is so easy to be an online hostess, and all you need to do is be excited and follow these easy to do pointers! Don't hesitate to ask any questions. I am here for you.

First things first! INVITES!

Every good party needs guests! When you invite your friends please don't just click every name that is on your friends list, we want them to feel special so I usually recommend keeping your party to around 50 guests. The beauty of online parties is you can invite more people to it than you would an in home, unless you live in a mansion then let's do it there! ;)

But you can also invite friends from all over the country! You will want to send them a private message which is very easy to do. No group messages though please. Once you've invited them through the Facebook event, you will see when you click on your guest list a place to message each one. I've provided an easy text you can just copy, or you can come up with your own but make it something like this.

Hey there! I am so excited to be hosting an online Jamberry party and there are so many amazing nail products you are guaranteed to find ones you can't live without. Come and see it all and there will be a live event full of fun on (insert date we agreed upon), but if you can't make that, please feel free to start your shopping at and select my party at check out!

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Share pictures!

While your Online event is open, you will want to be excited and show your friends that you are happy they are there and ready to have fun so share pictures! Make comments on items I post and Interact! If you were having a home party you wouldn't hide in your bedroom and leave me with your friends, that would be weird! We don't want to do that with your online event either your friends will get more excited if you are excited too! Show your friends pictures of your Jamicure, share why you love the product, you can use images from here, or find them on my Facebook biz page at Or I'd be happy to send you some!

Please don't google Jamberry and post random pics from there, they may be retired Jams and we don't want your friends to long for something they can't get.

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Getting heaps and heaps of free Jamberry!

I am here to ensure you get the most out of this event. Not just fun with your friends but also beautiful nails and all the product you could want! In order to do that we as a duo must show your friends how truly great Jamberry is and to have fun with your event. We will have a great time chatting with your friends, sharing stories and enjoying an exclusive shopping experience! If you have any questions please reach out, you can message me, call me, text me or whatever you need I am here for you!
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So much more than nail wraps!

Remember that Jamberry is so much more than nail wraps! If you think of any friends who maybe would prefer to use a high quality 5 Free* gel or nail lacquer we have an amazing color selection in both items. We also have hand care and nail products that make for well rounded manicures. They are all high quality products, that also come with satisfaction guarantees and they get my attention and dedication to ensure they enjoy their Jamberry experience. Women love to have pretty hands and nails and we produce the right items to get that done. Help me to help your friends feel amazing!

*5 Free products are free of: Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and DBP