Mrs. Cayo's Newsletter

An Update from Room 145

Welcome to 5th Grade

In the weeks ahead we will be building our classroom community, setting goals, learning about each other and ourselves and developing routines. At least once each month I will send a detailed newsletter (like this) and when needed, I will send email updates or reminders with important dates and events. Your child will also keep a planner on their iPads starting the second week of school. It is my plan to foster independence and responsibility in each student.

My Philosophy

As we enter the year together, I want you to know a little about what I believe about teaching, learning, and working together. First, I value the partnership between myself and each of you, my students parents. I will always act in the best interest of your child and invite frequent communication and collaboration as we help them grow and learn. I want the children to learn to think for themselves, listen to others ideas, and learn how to truly collaborate. I will push their thinking by encouraging them to explain their reasoning, find alternative solutions and ask questions. I work to strike a balance between quiet, independent work time, partner work and group work time. In my 21st year of teaching, I am continuously learning and working to get better at helping children succeed. I am honored to be your child's teacher and I look forward to the year ahead.

How to contact me:

I check email and voicemail before school, briefly during my prep time and after school. Once your children walk in the door- my focus is on them. I hope you understand.