Gotta Move! Day 2

Keepin' In Step with the Spirit: Kindness & Goodness

Day 2 Bible Study

Today we learned the bible verse from John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God"

I was so impressed by how many kids were able to memorize yesterday and today's Bible verse and were willing to come to the stage to say it loud and proud. Having these verses memorized can help us when we are troubled and need some reassurance in God's love for us!

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Day 2 Snack

We are working on keeping in step with the spirit this week. Today we focused on kindness & goodness. These are all fruits we receive from the Holy Spirit! During our game time, we are learning about double dutch & dance. Our snack was about “keepin' in step” today. We used the pretzels and marshmallows to make stick figures and pretend the licorice is a jump rope for the figures!

They also continued to learn the awesome song to say "thank you" to God. Don't forget that kids are invited to sing at 8:30 and 10:30 Mass to sing in front of the congregation this weekend!

Day 2 3D: Double Dutch & Dance

Groups continued to learn to jump double dutch and played other jump rope games. We also practiced some of our dance choreography with the Go Fish Guys! We "gotta move" to keep in step with the Spirit!

Day 2 Craft

Today we started our Fruit of the Spirit scratch boards. We also wrote commitments of the goodness and kindness we will do in the world. Please ask your child what they committed to and help them follow through on this!

Milwaukee Rescue Mission Donations

Wow! We had a great turn out of binders, folders and dry erase markers! That's awesome. Feel free to send in your donations each day or all at once. If you'd like to watch the video about the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, I attached the video below. Our St. Joe's Mission Team will be volunteering at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission on Mondays this summer and will bring these items then! Thank you!

  • Monday--1" and 1.5" binders and folders
  • Tuesday--black dry erase markers
  • Wednesday-notebooks (single subject)
  • Thursday--new carnival toys (for a planned St. Joe's run carnival for the kids at the Rescue Mission)

North Campus Update, Spring 2019
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Sign Kids In and Out Each day

Also...if your child will be brought home by someone other than the parent/guardian or those on the emergency contact form, please just let me know. I appreciate it!

Music CD

I hope each family got their "Gotta Move" CD. I hope you will play these catchy songs a lot the week of VBS (and after, too). Kids will be learning fun dance moves for these songs!

Please let me know if you did not receive yours!

Questions?? Concerns??

Please send me an email!