November Students of the Month

McCord Middle School

Student of the Month Description

Each month McCord Middle School staff will recognize at least four students that exemplify characteristics from our Middle School Learners Profile that was created by a committee of community members, administrators, students and staff members. Below you will find our November Student of the Month winners. Other nominees are also recognized.
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Student of the Month Winners

Elizabeth Timcho

Solution Seeker of the Month nominated by Mrs. Scott.

Elizabeth constantly challenges herself to excel in the Spanish classroom. She takes each assignment and tries to learn more than what is required. She asks excellent questions to further her knowledge. She has terrific standards for herself, and strives to meet them each day. It's a pleasure to have her in class.

Callie Henneman

Resilient Learner of the Month nominated by Mr. Marshall.

Callie is wonderful to have in class. She has adapted to middle school very well. She always has something to work on in assist and if she doesn't, you can find her drawing. She works well with distractions and handles them well, even when it may be difficult. She works diligently on things; she is fearless to ask for help when needed; and she loves sharing things that interest her.

Sarah Pelzer

Global Thinker of the Month nominated by Ms. Rush.

Sarah has been such a valuable contributor to class discussions in Global Thinkers, boldly sharing her perspective and building off the ideas of others. Sarah's work also exemplifies this approach to learning as she wrestles with complex societal issues and ideas. She is not afraid to ask tough questions that encourage the entire class to ponder deeply (myself included!)! I am so happy to have Sarah in my Global Thinkers class and to be able to nominate her as a true Global Thinker.

Sam Walden

Kind and Empathetic Friend of the Month nominated by Mrs. Schreiber.

Sam has a big heart and is always positive and kind. She always starts class with a hello and never fails to leave with a good-bye, thank you and a smile. She is kind to anyone who is at her table, and helpful in the classroom. I am thankful for the opportunity to spend 2nd period with her.

Other Nominees for November

Solution Seekers

Alexa Fell- Alexa works really hard in math class and asks great questions to find the solution. What I like the most is that she often asks questions about strategies she has tried, seeking the solution using her own understanding of concepts and applying it the math she has learned.

Owen Williamson- Owen enjoys challenging math problems. In assist he is often working on a math problem he found that challenges him.

Resilient Learners

Aubrey Brown- Aubrey is a joy to have in class. She is kind and her attention shows her intent to grow as much as possible in everything she is shown.

Lauren Danzig- Lauren is always cheerful and enthusiastic when dealing with challenging assignments. She is a positive influence in the class and always displays a wonderfully positive attitude!

Elizabeth Latin- Elizabeth works very hard. She takes in feedback and suggestions well and applies them to her understanding and learning. I am impressed with her resilience and ability to not give up, constantly take a risk and try something and adjust as needed.

Dominic Taylor- Dominic is a resilient math learner. He has developed strategies to help himself work through tough math problems and stay organized. Dominic doesn't hesitate to ask questions when needed and most importantly, he doesn't give up when he's hit a bump in the road. Keep up the good work, Dom!

Global Thinkers

Ben Nestinger- Ben always asks fantastic questions about Spanish speakers from different areas of the world, and always takes interest in learning about new cultures and how language is used in different areas of the world. He is an engaged learner who is always polite and appreciative of everyone around him.

Kind Empathetic Friends

Mia Calcara- Mia is such a joy to have at McCord Middle School. Mia not only goes above and beyond in her classes but helps others when they are in need. I've seen Mia support friends through hard times, help others who are confused with homework, and even ask me how she can help. Mia has been a support for the 6th graders in assist, as well as anyone who needs extra help. Your kind heart does not go unnoticed, Mia!

Doak Cottril- Doak deserves to be recognized as a kind and empathetic friend. He is constantly positive to and inclusive of all of his classmates. I've observed him quietly reach out to students in the classroom to make sure they feel a part of the group. It can be tough to choose the right action over the popular action in 7th grade, and I admire Doak for consistently doing this.

Makenna Purdie- Makenna is always kind to everyone. She makes an effort to help others and is always there when her friends need her. She is very positive and her infectious smile lights up every room!

Henry Sheehan- Henry stayed with his friend who had wrecked his bike leaving school. Henry offered support and demonstrated that he cared about his friend who was having a hard time.


Mason Cost- Throughout this year, Mr. Mason Cost has brought a sense of kindness and optimism to our class. He comes to class each day with a smile on his face and a willingness to lend a helping hand. He is someone that truly loves life and learning. Such attributes, when coupled with his strong work ethic, and ability to balance sports and academics, make him a wonderful person to have in our class and school. Thus, Mr. Mason is very deserving of the title, student of the month.

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