January 22, 2021

Ravinia Routines and Procedures During COVID

Schedule for Live In Person or Synchronous Math and ELA Instruction

8:40am - 10:55am: AM Synchronous Class (live ELA/Math class, either in person or virtual)

12:55pm-3:10pm: PM Synchronous Class (live ELA/Math class, either in person or virtual)

Before and After Care is currently not being offered in the district.


Masks are one of our most important safety measures. All students and staff must wear a protective mask that is properly fitting and that covers both the mouth and nose. Please include an extra mask in your child’s extra set of clothes in case they need to change their mask during the day. Disposable masks should be replaced daily, and reusable masks must be washed after every use. Parents should wear a mask anytime that they exit their car on the property. If your family is struggling to provide masks for your child, please collaborate with your school principal or nurse for support.


Each day parents are required to self certify that their child has no symptoms of COVID-19 and has not been exposed to anyone with symptoms. You will receive an email from Crisis Go every morning at 6:00 a.m. Click on the link in the email to complete the self certification process. You must record your child’s temperature and answer all of the questions. Parents must complete the self certification process by 8:00 a.m. each day for all students. At this time we need everyone to certify by 8:00 a.m..

Administrators and staff will have access to a list of students who have not self certified. Students who do not complete the self certification process will not be admitted into the building. Thank you for your cooperation on this important safety matter.

Crisis Go: No Email? No Problem.

Click Here to Certify Your Child.

What to Bring to School

Due to the social distancing and mitigation strategies being deployed, we are asking students to limit what they bring to school. See the list below for what to bring to school. At this time, we are asking that you do not bring any personal items to school in your backpack (stuffed animal, etc). In addition, since we do not have recess or open play time, we ask that you do not wear or bring extensive snow gear to school. There should not be a need to change shoes at school. We will not be utilizing lockers, so students' coats and backpacks will be kept at their seat within the classroom.

If a student needs to use a small backpack to carry their device and water bottle back and forth, they may, but nothing else should be kept in the backpacks.

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Curriculum Materials to Return to School February 1

Please click this link for a list of materials to be returned for each grade level on February 1. Pictures of the books are included as well as other materials sent home by each grade level team.

Snacks & Meals

In order to prevent the extended removal of masks, we cannot allow snacks or meals at school. We strongly encourage families to ensure that their child has a full breakfast or lunch before coming to school. In addition, we will have a “to go” option for families that need support with meals. We will continue to support families with food insecurity. Should your child have a medical condition that requires snacks, please collaborate with the building administrator and nurse for an accommodation. Every student should bring a clean and full water bottle to school each day. Please label the water bottle with your child’s name. We recommend that they have bottles that do not require the entire lid to be unscrewed to drink so that spills are limited.

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Arrival Procedures

Millennium Hall Drive will continue to be used for our car line pick up and drop off. You will only be able to enter by turning right from Roger WIlliams Avenue. Likewise, signage prohibits a left hand turn onto Roger Williams during pick up and drop off.

Cars and buses will drop children off in Millennium Hall Drive. Please pull all the way to the end of the drive before stopping. Adults may not exit their car in the drop off lane, and children are required to exit the car on the passenger side of the vehicle for the safety of everyone. If your child needs assistance exiting the car, please park in one of the two hour parking spaces on Dean Avenue and walk them to the playground.

In order to maintain social distancing and for safety reasons, only students and staff are allowed on school property during arrival. You may drop off your child in the drop off lane in Millennium Hall Drive, or on foot at the entrance to school property. Please see the included map for arrival line up, and consider walking through the property before the first day of school to show your child where they will be lining up. There will be a white painted Raccoon print to indicate the start of each line. The school playground is still not open at this time, so we appreciate you not gathering on grounds.

If it is raining or the windchill is below 15, we will line up inside. All students should enter through Millennium Hall and will be escorted to their line up positions.

There will be no grounds supervision before 8:30am for morning classes and 12:40pm for afternoon classes.

Visitor Policy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors are not permitted at the school. If you need to drop off your child's device or water bottle, you may enter the front door (A7) of the school with a face covering and leave the item with your child's name on it and someone will deliver it to your child. If your child is tardy, you may walk your child in the front door and sign them in. Ring the doorbell to the office, and the administrative assistant will lead your child in to the building.

At this time, volunteers or parent tours of any kind are also not permitted. We will continue to hold IEP meetings virtually to protect the health of our families and staff. Please do not linger in the parking lot. To maintain social distancing and ensure safety, only school staff and students are allowed on school grounds for arrival.

Routines for the 2020-2021 School Year

See the video below that was shared back in September regarding new routines in place for this school year. While the tents and air conditioners are gone, the rest remains the same!
Welcome to Ravinia!