Hammurabi's Code

Was it just or unjust?


When Hammurabi wrote these rules I feel he was just having fun. Was he trying to be cruel? His laws are telling to cut off hands and lose eyes. But some laws can be better. Although those laws do have rewards most of the laws I have seen have been pretty darn mean. Also, these laws are giving different punishments based on who you are, who you hurt, and how. One law had a different consiquence than another because it is different if you hit a slave than a free man. I mean seriously! Who does that sort of thing!

The Laws

"If a surgeon has operated with a bronze lancet on the body of a free man and saves his life he shall receive 10 shekels of silver." That is a nice law. This law is just. Don't you agree that if you save a life you should be rewarded. But, before you believe all Hammurabi's codes are just listen to this one,"If a surgeon has operated with a bronze lancet on a free man for a serious injury and caused his death, his hands shall be cut off." When I read this I said,"WHAT, that is so mean, who does that?" I bet you wold have said something similar. Or, maybe you did. But anyway, most of the laws are like the second one I told you. They involve hurting people if they do something "wrong". These laws seem to be all wrong.

Laws number 168, 195, 196, 199, 209, and 213

Wrapping It Up


Hammurabi's Code was unjust. His laws involved severe injury, murder(probably), and plain old cruelty. I showed you laws that are pretty interesting, but I also found that Hammurabi was kind of selfish. He would curse any future ruler who didn't follow or enforce his rules. The Gods would curse the rulers family, land, Warriors, subjects, and troops. I mean why would Hammurabi do that. He also considered himself a king of righteousness and vowed no one ever knock down his monument. Lastly, he also said his name ever be repeated. Man, that man was selfish. His laws were mean to. Did he write his laws just to laugh at everyone, because that is what it seems like. Wouldn't you agree?

What Do You Think

Well, as you can tell, I believe Hammurabi's Code has unjust. But that doesn't mean you think it's unjust. You can believe Hammurabi's Code was just. I don't mind. Go ahead and watch the video I added to this flyer and skip to 6:27 to listen about Hammurabi.