Six Months Later

By: Natalie D. Richards

What would you do if you woke up and your whole life turned around?

Chloe is a junior in highschool is about to take her SAT. She ends up falling asleep in studyhall right before the school year ended in June. She wakes up in the same place, but six months later and it's dark and there is snow on the ground. When she wakes up she finds that her whole life turned around. She is now the most popular and smartest girl in school, a guy she has been crushing on since forever is now her boyfriend, her bestfriend doesn't talk to her anymore, and a girl unexpectedly moved. Her and a friend try figure out what happened to her and they discover many truths along the way.

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Meet the Author

Natalie D Richards lives in Ohio with her husband, three children, and her dog. She won her first writing competitions in second grade and she has been writing ever since.

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