Dutch Warmblood

Megan Brue


The Dutch Warmblood is a modern sport horse derived from the selective breeding of German, French, and English horses also crossed with the native Dutch stock.

Purpose of this breed

Warm-blooded horses are also perfect for riding, and in America, the West was won on the backs of warmblood breeds the Warm-blooded horses are perfect for roping, cutting and herding.


The Dutch Warmblood head is well shaped, usually with a straight profile, and the neck is arched and well muscled, merging neatly into the withers, which are fairly prominent. The back is straight and fairly long, with the croup short, broad and flat.Tail is set high.Chest of this horse is deep and full and the shoulder is well sloped.

Origin of the breed


Important Information

  • The Dutch Warmbloods were adjudged first in dressage as well as in show jumping by the WBFSH in 2010.
  • Only the oldest Warmbloods from the Netherlands now have the lion-rampant brand since branding is now illegal by Dutch law. Instead, they are now microchipped.
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